1.What is G-Force Project?

It is an annual workshop by the G-Force which is being offered every summer and sembreak. It is composed of various dance classes ranging from Hip-Hop, K-Pop, Dubstep, Zumba, Burlesque, JazzFunk and, now on its second year, #whiteshirtlove.

2.Who can join?

It is open to all ages who wants to learn how to dance or improve their dancing skills. There are also classes for kids as young as five years old.

3.What is Summer Dance Glamping?

This year’s theme is Summer Dance Glamping. To literally translate, glamping stands for glamorous camping. It means going outdoors for a nature activity except with nicer things than usual with great emphasis on comfort. In G-Force Project 2015, the term glamping is adapted referring to the gathering of students and mentors in one momentous occasion sharing a unified experience. It is all about dancing under the stars, building stronger bonds with mentors and co-students, and going through the fun and excitement like never before. It’s an experience of a lifetime.

4.When and where is the Glamping going to happen?

It will happen in Clear Water Resort in May 18 (1 whole day).

5.Who can join Glamping?

All students enrolled in G-Force Project 2015 except Kids Class of Manila and Regional.

6.What is Recital?

By definition, recital means a public appearance given by one or more performers. It is a presentation by students to demonstrate their progress. G-Force Project 2015 redefines the term as it showcases and validates the students’ talents and their mentors’ devotion to sharing the gift of dance. It is the culmination of everybody’s hard work and dedication in making the project a huge success – the G-force way.

7.When and where is the Recital happening?

Recital is set on May 26 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, 7:30 p.m.

8.When do classes start?

Manila classes are set in two batches: Batch 1 – April 13 to 17, 2015 Batch 2 – May 4 to 8, 2015 Regional are set in: Cebu – April 20 to 24, 2015 Albay – April 27 to May 1, 2015 Bacolod – May 11 to 15, 2015

9.How many hours does a class take?

Except for the Kids Class that runs for 1 1⁄2 (one and a half) hours and Zumba which runs for 1 (one) hour, all the other classes will run for 2 (two) hours. This applies to both Manila and Regional classes.

10.How do I enroll?

Manila Participants may enroll via: G-Force Dance Center, Unit 104 & 105, Ground Floor, Corporate Building, 101 Mother Ignacia Street, Quezon City, or; Regional Participants may enroll via Please take note that the online system accepts 1 (one) transaction per 1 (one) student only.

11.How much is the fee per class?

For Manila participants: A class costs P8,500.00 inclusive of SM Mall of Asia Arena recital on May 26, 2015 and 2 (two) complimentary tickets. Class rate for #whiteshirtlovebytg workshop costs P18,000.00. Glamping is optional at P2,850.00 upon enrollment. Failure to avail of the said offer upon signing up will cost additional P500.00. For regional participants: Kids Class costs P4,900.00 sans recital and glamping. Other classes costs P4,900.00. Should the student wish to participate in the recital, fee is at P3,600.00. Glamping is optional at P2,850.00 upon enrollment. Failure to avail of the said offer upon signing up will cost additional P500.00.

12.Do I get a discount if I enroll in more than one class?

Yes. Ten (10) percent discount is given to an individual who enrolled in more than one class.

13.My child is part of the regional Kids Class, why can’t my kid join the glamping event in Manila.

Regional Kids Class participants are not given the option to join the recital in Manila, therefore there is no need for them to join the glamping event which is also set in Manila. However, students who are part of other regional classes are highly encouraged to join the recital and glamping.

14.Can I just attend the sessions/classes and not join the recital?

Yes. There is a Class Card system in place that is used to track the number of sessions a student has attended in a class. A class is made up of five sessions. For regional participants, the system is beneficial since they are given the option whether to participate or not in the Recital and Glamping event. The Class Card system also allows a student to tryout any other class apart from what he/she originally enrolled for as long as he/she does not exceed the number of sessions allowed in his/her Class Card.

15.Can I change classes?

Yes. Student may change class after attending the first session of the enrolled class and no more after.

16.What should I wear during class?

Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers during class. Bring extra clothes for change. Also, bring your own reusable bottle for water refill.

17.Do you accept late enrollee/s?

We encourage students to attend all five sessions designed for each class. However, in the case of late enrollee/s where missed sessions can’t be helped, we can only accept up to two missed sessions and no more beyond that.

18.Why can't I reserve slot/s?

Due to the high volume of students enrolling in the different classes being offered, we do not accept reservations to avoid overbooking of students per class.

19.Why can’t I enroll in the Regional and the Manila classes online?

You can enroll in both, provided you make 2 (two) separate transactions.

20.What payment methods are offered?

Credit card and Debit Card (Bancnet) payments are accepted. Cash payments at the G-Force Dance Center (GDC) is likewise accepted.

21.Can I do installment payments?

There is no such option for online payment transaction. Please refer to your credit card service provider.

22.Can I cancel my enrollment and get a refund?

Payment refunds are allowed in the following instances: Physical incapacity to attend class (e.g. death, accident resulting to immobility) Pregnancy Other health conditions duly certified by a medical professional

23.What is the web handling fee for?

The web handling fee is changed on a per transaction basis to specifically pay for those expenses required to handle your transaction.