Break Dance Crew

may the force be with you


Innovative, Hip, and Fresh are just some of the words that best describes G-Force. Even though it just has been nine years since they came into existence, G-Force is the youngest company to hit the concert scene in the Philippines and abroad. Headed by its artistic director, GEORCELLE DAPAT SY sand maanging director, ANGEL SY, the group is made up mainly of people from different colleges and institution dedicated to bring a variety of dance styles to everyone and that has progressed and developed their ability through attending G-Force classes. The group regularly performs in ASAP and other special projects of ABS-CBN. Dance U was a segment on ASAP that featured their latest dance moves introduced by "Teacher" Georcelle and the G-Force. More than just a group, they have become a small family unit who shares the same vision of imparting their dance prowess to the public with several worhsops. In 2008, G-Force started calling out for its seriesof dance workshops, The G-Force Project. G-Force Project is the group's brainchild offering dance classes of different genres, toreach out and share the gift of dance and spearheaded by homegrown choreographers. The group has changed the way of what people see in dancers. They are household name with attitude and a whole lot of sophistication and pizzazz.


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