Georcelle has been dancing professionally since the age of 14. At 16 she started choreographing, making her one of the youngest choreographers of their time. She is currently in demand at most concerts acts, including Sarah Geronimo, Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez.

Equally gifted as a dancer, Georcelle ventured out into creating one of the industry's top dance groups, G-Force. Nowadays, she can be seen in ASAP 2012's Dance U wherein together with her group, showcases the latest movements in dance. Now that she has a group of her own her experience with dancing and choreographing inquisitively attracted her to like the life out of the limelight as a stage director. With directors believing on her capability and eventually giving her a great deal of trust, it was easy for her to slip in to a stage director's chair.

"I work from the heart, with enthusiasm and the working atmosphere is always fun." Striking words coming from one of the most sought after choreographers in the industry, Georcelle Dapat. Bringing out the same calibre as that of the great ones, Teacher Georcelle, as what she is fondly called, is the ABS-CBN Sunday show, ASAP 2012's Stage Director. She is also regularly spotted with her group, G-Force as she leads the show's segment, Dance Cool where in every week she entices us with the hippest and freshest grooves in the dance floor.

Being the Artistic Director of G-Force is just one of Georcelle's own little way of imparting her gift and paving a way onto discovering new talents in the industry. G-Force has consecutively launched dance workshops both in Cebu and Manila to reach out and share their talents especially to the young demographic and of course, both have been successful. "G-Force goes for the whole package. It's very lucky that we get to be on television. Not only can we show our talents and how well we adapt to certain styles and genres but we get to set trends as well, not just in movements but with fashion and hairstyles."

There is absolutely nothing that this woman can't do when it comes to her craft. She keeps getting projects left and right,not just because she brings it, but there is the trust that the directors get from her, vice-versa. Dependability and dedication at its finest! A woman that exudes confidence and enthusiasm, Georcelle still keeps her feet on the ground. She said that the job that she does can be done by anyone because she believes that all's got something to offer, talent is the key yet, what sets her apart from the others is that she executes and delivers what the directors are asking for. She also advises to dancers who want to make it big in the industry, to follow your heart and everything will fall into place. Be determined and passionate, and lastly always be thirsty, be hungry for something new. With those being said, its' known. She delivered. 

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